The attorneys at Jacobs & Crumplar have an impressive record of success. Our firm has achieved the three highest punitive damage awards in personal injury cases ever awarded in Delaware, including record judgments and settlements for asbestos and mesothelioma clients.

Our successes include:

      • $75 million
        Product Liability (punitive damage judgment)
      • $32 million
        Asbestosis (judgment for four plaintiffs)
      • $22 million
        Asbestosis (judgment for plaintiff)
      • $3 million
        Asbestosis (judgment for plaintiff)
      • $1-3 million
        Mesothelioma (several multi-million dollar cases settled)
      • $500,000 – $1 million
        Medical Malpractice (recoveries for misdiagnosis and surgical error cases)
      • $60 million
        Sexual Abuse (verdict against individual child sexual abuse perpetrator)
      • $3 million
        Sexual Abuse (verdict against a Parish for gross negligence in contributing to sexual abuse) – the highest verdict against a Parish for sexual abuse negligence in history