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Cancer in Delaware: The Industrial Impact

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in Asbestos & Mesothelioma, Blog | 0 comments

Recently, the News Journal published an article about Delaware’s high lung cancer rate: the state ranks 17th in the nation for the number of men suffering from the disease and 3rd for women. The article does point out that Delaware’s cancer rates have improved: in the 1990s Delaware’s cancer death rate was second in the country, but it is now 14th. What is to blame for the Delaware’s high cancer rate? According to the article smoking is the reason – about 20 percent of Delawareans still smoke. What the article fails to address is that many other factors can contribute to a...

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Could Obamacare Cause A Rise in Medical Malpractice Claims?

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The Affordable Care Act has been in the news for several years now: First a key piece of legislation of then candidate Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, the Act was signed into law after President Obama took office over the objections from Republicans. Then the constitutionality of the Act was challenged in by several states and conservative organizations and was then challenged by several states and Conservative organizations in federal court. In the summer of 2013, the central portions of the Act (popularly called “Obamacare” ) were upheld, although challenges to its...

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Still covering up abuse after all these years

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News out of Minnesota demonstrates that the hierarchy of the Catholic church is not only still in denial about abuse of children by clergy, but is still covering it up.

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An analysis of the 1964 Civil Rights Movement.

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Jordan Perry, an attorney with Jacobs and Crumplar, recently co-authored  a column with Dr. Leland Ware, the Louis L. Redding of Law and Public Policy at the University of Delaware on the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Jordan is also President of the Delaware Barristers Association.  Link on the link below to read Jordan’s column.   Read the column here >>    

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A historical overview of asbestos, including the risks it poses today

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This recent article from the New Republic highlights the worldwide use of asbestos.  The article also demonstrates that those in charge of asbestos companies knew the dangers of asbestos but downplayed the risks.  The article highlights that although asbestos is not as commonly used today, it still causes the death of thousands annually.

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