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Thomas Crumplar Interviewed By TNJ On Vaughn Prison Uprising

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Jacobs & Crumplar attorney Thomas C. Crumplar discusses in a News Journal article injuries his correctional officer client sustained in the James Vaughn prison uprising and asks those with information to come forward. Read the article here:

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Police Accountability is Vital to our Democracy –Civil Lawsuits may be One Answer but Voting is the Key

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In American unlike many countries the Police have a proud a tradition they are here “To Serve and To Protect “ whereas in many countries there function is to suppress dissent. Sadly in many inner city communities the police are viewed more as more of an occupying force. There is too much distrust between the police and the inner community which more than any other place in America needs a police which will “Serve and Protect” There are bad actors in every field and we make a mistake because we want to support the police for risking their lives to protect us to give special...

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Jacobs & Crumplar File Civil Rights Action On Behalf Of McDole Family

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Today the grandmother and mother of Jeremy McDole filed a state court civil rights action for the tragic and unnecessary death of Jeremy, a 28 year old young black man, who was not suffering from mental health issues, but who was shot 16 times by allegedly poorly trained and unqualified police officers and killed, while paralyzed from the waist down sitting in a wheelchair. As shown by a contemporaneous video that went viral, he was unarmed, his hands were on his lap, sitting in broad daylight out in the open with plenty of nearby cover for the police. Jeremy was not combative or...

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