Jacobs & Crumplar Moving to Wilmington Riverfront

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Since its founding over 35 years ago, Jacobs and Crumplar has occupied only two places: one at 800 Delaware Avenue in Wilmington and for most of the firm’s existence at 2 East 7th Street also in Wilmington. After almost 30 years at 2 East 7th Street, the firm is moving this time to the Wilmington Riverfront and specifically 750 Riverfront Drive, right near the Wilmington Blue Rocks stadium. The new home for the firm is a modern yet classic looking office building that is the home of other businesses. Jacobs & Crumplar will occupy the second floor of the building. The...

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Civil Suit Only Remedy for Inmate Killed By Corrections Officers

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As reported in The News Journal on December 15, 2015, even though an autopsy and death certificate ruled inmate Ronald Shoup’s death a homicide, the Delaware Attorney General’s Office will not pursue criminal charges against the correctional officers who caused his death. Mr. Shoup, incarcerated for drunk driving, tragically died when five officers crushed him under their weight while restraining him hours before his death, as a forensic pathologist found. His death was labeled a homicide due to blunt force trauma. The decision specifically stated that it did not rule out the...

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Farm Workers Sue Monsanto For Roundup Exposure

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As reported on CNBC’s website on October 15, 2015, Jacobs & Crumplar along with the firms of LUNDY, LUNDY, SOILEAU & SOUTH, LLP and WEITZ & LUXENBERG, P.C. filed a lawsuit on October 14, 2015 on behalf of three plaintiffs who as farm workers were exposed to Roundup, a pesticide sold by Monsanto. The lawsuit alleges that these plaintiffs are suffering from serious diseases such as and chronic lymphocytic leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The lawsuit claims that Defendant Monsanto Company, Inc. began marketing glyphosate in products in 1974 under the brand name...

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J&C Wins Supreme Court Appeal of Sexual Abuse Case

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On May 21 2015 the Delaware Supreme Court decided that Kimberly Hecksher had a clear right of action against the Fairwinds Baptist Church School for gross negligence in supervision of the school in contributing to the rape of a teenage girl student on its property. The case was the last of those brought under the landmark 2007 Child Victim’s Act which enabled time-barred claims based on sexual abuse of children to be brought for a period of two years in Delaware, and which eliminated the statute of limitations for civil actions based on such crimes. The Supreme Court found that if a...

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Matt Denn Knows the Value of Police Foot Patrols in Wilmington but the Delaware Assembly Only Knows $$$

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We, as residents of Wilmington, DE have been embarrassed and saddened by headlines such as “Murder Town, USA.” Attorney General Matt Denn who was sworn in to office on January 6, 2015 has made it his mission to reduce crime, especially violent crime, in the City of Wilmington. He has often discussed how other cities with high crime incidents were able to reduce crime by having a visible presence of law enforcement officers in known high-crime areas. He didn’t just talk; he took action and made it happen by applying for a grant from the state’s Neighborhood Building Blocks...

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Hazardous Workplaces In Delaware: Poultry Processing Plants

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A June 23, 2015 News Journal (Wilmington, DE) article about hazardous workplace conditions and injuries at a Sussex County poultry plant should not be a surprise, but should be a wake-up call to workers everywhere. First, big agriculture is replete with safety violations. Many of our current workplace legislation originated in the early 1900’s and were the result of the public revulsion at the ghastly conditions at meat packing plants where human limbs were routinely severed. The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, graphically described these processing facilities and sparked a national interest in...

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